KDV Architects

Restorations at Wederzorg plantation, Commewijne

KDV architects became involved at Wederzorg in 2014. the architect Karsodjojo had made plans for the restoration and extension of the plantation house, but instead of restoring it, the owner had completely disassembled the house. After that, KDV took over – but there were no drawings of the frame of the old house. However there were pictures, and luckily the construction foreman had made frame sketches. Really a smart guy. And the old posts and beams were still present on site.
KDV made restoration drawings and oversaw execution.
After that, KDV oversaw the restoration of a small house near the entrance of the plantation
Finally, KDV oversaw the restoration of the old coffee barn.
All construction work was carried out by the owner’s own construction team.




Wederzorg, District Commwijne

Start Project

May 2013

Project Finished

December 2019


  • Philip DiklandĀ (Project manager)