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Kirpalani Superstore

Until 2018, Kirpalani owned two large stores in the center of Paramaribo, at Maagdenstraat (3500 m2 floor area) and Domineestraat (6200 m2). There also was a smaller store at Johan Adolf Pengel straat (JAP street). This store included a Parts & Service department. There was a central warehouse at Keizerstraat (14400 m2).
In 2015-2020, the JAP store was replaced by a very large new store of 14.000 m2 f.a. After the opening of this new JAP store, it became apparent that the central warehouse at Keizerstraat had become too small. Currently, this warehouse is expanded up to 35.000 m2. The new part will become operational in August 2023.

The new JAP store is by far the largest store in the country. The Building has 4 floors, with escalators and elevators. It is fully airconditioned. The store has its own café on the top floor, with a 250 m2 floor area. There are more than 300 parking spaces.
It is built with steel construction and concrete floors. Its facades consist of isolated panels to minimize the use of energy for air conditioning. The building is equipped with a Building Management system (BMS), for energy savings.


Kirpalani NV


J.A. Pengelstraat

Start Project


Project Finished


Total Floor Space

14.000 M2


  • Philip Dikland 
  • Peggy Bawoek 
  • Elisa van Dijk