KDV Architects

DNA building Henck Arronstraat

The offices of the National Assembly at Henck Arron straat, Paramaribo, burnt down in 1996. In 2014 KDV architects commissioned the reconstruction of these offices. The design was made in collaboration with the architects Carel van Hest and Maarten Fritz. Construction started in 2019 and was completed in 2022.
The new buildings are not a replica of the original wooden houses. Instead, they have been constructed in a modern way with concrete, stone, and steel. Only the street facades are covered with wood and are an exact copy of their 18th-century predecessors. The other facades are clad with modern materials.
The beautiful interiors of the grand rooms have been restored, but for the remainder the interiors are modern.
The meeting halls and politician’s chambers are not included in this project; for these, a separate building will be constructed.


Ministry of Education and Culture


Henck Arronstraat 2-6

Start Project

Oktober 2014

Project Finished

April 2022

Total Floor Space

3100 M2


  • Philip Dikland 
  • Tine Pawirodikromo (Project manager)


Carel van Hest, Maarten Fritz