KDV Architects

Assembly hall

The design was made in 2020-2021 in collaboration with the members of the assembly. However, no assignment was given. In 2023, architect D. Emanuels received an official commission to prepare a design.

The KDV design consists of a main assembly hall, several smaller meeting rooms, and chambers for the members of the assembly. It is a large building, but it is not obtrusive in the small-scale historic city, as it is located far from the street, and it is surrounded by historic houses that shield the building from the street. Only from the independence square it is clearly visible. This is exactly as it should be, for independence square is the location of the most important government buildings: the presidential palace, and the main court of justice. And – in the future – the new assembly hall.


Henck-Arronstraat 2-6

Start Project


Total Floor Space

5000 M2


  • Philip Dikland