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KDV architects, founded in 1983, offers full architectural and project management services for construction projects in Suriname and the Caribbean islands.
KDV has designed and built a variety of building projects, including: hotels, shops, office projects, health centers, and private residences.

Most of these projects had very different programs and demands, but all of them have been carried out successfully. KDV does not specialize in a specific building type, but has personnel that can handle a broad scope of projects.

Innovation and modernisation are considered very important in our firm. We invest constantly in new applications and equipment to improve our drawing, calculation and project-management . Drawings and specifications are emailed to our customers and suppliers abroad, which greatly speeds up communication. Site measurements are carried out with laser equipment.
But, most important of all, KDV invests in good people. No, we don't call them "human resources". They are people. KDV has a junior staff of inventive young people, with an open eye for new ideas and solutions. They are informally guided and trained by the senior staff. They are encouraged to continue their studies. They are sharp, and that's the way KDV wants to keep it.

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